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Foreword from Dr Robert Willis, Chairman of the Board of Governors for the King’s School, Canterbury

The King’s School, Canterbury, is one in which the creative gifts of every individual were encouraged and respected.  Although King’s looked back on 1400 years of history, it was the story of continual reinvention to embrace changing educational ideals and practice sustained by the stability of a community, which valued each member. The culture of China had even deeper roots, but this energy, demonstrated by the modern growth of Shenzhen, showed the same quality of embracing the present and preparing for the future.  The building of a school in Shenzhen would ensure sharing of creative educational gifts between the two schools and cultures to the mutual advantage of each.

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Presentation by The King’s School, Canterbury at the “British-Style Schools in China” Media Receptions in Beijing and Shenzhen The King’s School, Canterbury was invited to present the King’s ethos and…
The King’s School, Canterbury opening its first overseas international school in Shenzhen, China The King’s School, Canterbury, U.K., the oldest school in England with a rich history spanning over 140…

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