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A different looking King’s School: Quiet but warm

By Manor Meng
It is wonderful to be able to take in the fresh air, albeit through a mask. It has been a long while since we were at the school to enjoy the sunshine. This week, we started to resume work at the school. After more than half a month of self-isolation and home office, all administrative staff have now safely returned to work. The sunshine illuminated every corner of the campus and swept away the gloominess in our hearts. Today, we want to show you a different looking King’s School: Our security staff greeted us at the school gate and took the temperature for each of us before we enter the school, and checked our temperate again when we leave. Although we need to keep a distance from and avoid all physical contacts with each other, nonetheless, we greeted each other, and can clearly see and feel the joy through each other’s eyes. The elevators and offices are equipped with alcohol disinfectants; all handles are wrapped with paper towels; and alcohol and dedicated bins for used masks are placed at fixed points on each floor. All these measures have been taken to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all of us. All the windows and air vents are kept opened to make sure that the building is fully ventilated. Breathing in the fresh air helps to keep our minds fresh and our spirits high through the day. At noon, the sweet aroma from the nutritious food specially prepared by our caterer filters through the administrative block. We collected our lunch boxes, and are seated separately from each other. Even though we cannot chat with each other face-to-face, but we are still able to share our joys and news with each other through the internet. Although the school is still closed, but we remain fully occupied. The principal and heads of pre-prep have been discussing with the administrative and support staff on a school re-opening plan, working out details of the re-opening policy to ensure the highest safety and health standards are implemented throughout the campus for all our teachers and pupils when the school re-opens. In compliance with the Government’s requirements, the school administrative assistant is responsible for collecting the daily health report from our staff, and submitting the health reports for all the teaching staff. We have organized and packed all the new uniforms in readiness for collection by the parents; and have carefully and meticulously attended to each and every job item to prepare for the re-opening of the school. Throughout this period, our teachers have created a variety of contents for our online classrooms, bringing much joy of learning and many creative activities for our children at home. In order to handle the enquiries from our prospective parents, the Admissions Department has now launched a comprehensive online consultation service (please scan the QR code at the end of this article for a one-on-one online meeting with our admissions officer).  Simultaneously, the Admissions Department is working with our Academic Department, Marketing Department, and IT Department to create an improved and updated online school visit portal for our current and prospective parents. The Facilities Department is tasked to carry out ongoing disinfection and sterilization procedures throughout the campus twice a day. Every button in the elevators, all door handles, and all the offices have been completely and thoroughly disinfected. We have specially purchased professional disinfection equipment to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the classrooms. Please rest assured that we have adequate supplies of epidemic prevention materials, and will continue to distribute masks to everyone each day. Without the children’s laughters, the campus feels somewhat deserted, but this, as we all understand and appreciate, is inevitable in order to safeguard the health of our pupils, teachers and staff. During this period of time, our teachers have done a great job in providing online teaching and access to parents, all other staff members have continued to perform their duties, albeit remotely, and this, we believe, is what makes us different from other schools. We really miss the joy and fun of our children at play in the school, we even miss the occasional naughtiness of the children, and the discussions among the teachers about their pupils over lunch. The weather in these past few days has been especially good, and we so look forward to sharing this good time with you. Not far from the school is a place full of trees and plants, and every spring, they blossom under the sun. Spring brings new life and hope to the world and, with that, a new beginning awaits us when the school re-opens. Recently, the weather in Shenzhen has become warmer. Spring is in the air, and the flowers in the school have all blossomed, and we are all looking forward to your return here very soon!

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