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A letter from the Executive Principal about the new campus

By Manor Meng

It is very good to be back in Shenzhen. I congratulate everyone in the city for their supreme efforts in containing the virus. It’s also very good to be planning for our exciting future here in Nanshan.


During this difficult period, our teachers have been in continual contact with families and students. Much has been said about on-line learning, which is very different for younger children than for those who are older or more mature, and I think we all agree that it is no substitute for physical presence. However, I am very impressed by what has been offered and achieved within our community such as reading, construction activities, learning games and, probably the most important, physical exercises. As with all schools, our restart date is yet to be confirmed, but we sincerely hope that it won’t be too long before we welcome our wonderful students and their teachers back to our site.



Moving forwards to the next school year, we are delighted about the growing interest in our Pre-Prep / Kindergarten. Our Admissions department is already receiving lots of enquiries and we have begun on-line interviews. However, the really exciting news will be the launch of our Primary and Middle Schools. Situated in Chiwan Bay, just three kilometres away from the Pre-Prep, we have a magnificent development taking place. The School is being designed and built for up to 990 students. It will comprise specialist subject facilities (science, art, technology, music, drama, etc.) with large teaching rooms and many breakout learning areas within the large main building. An additional building and the outside space will include a major sports hall, swimming pool, running track, and play areas for the younger children.


Our preparations include: finding and employing the right teachers, both Chinese and foreign; recruiting students; meticulously ensuring the health and safety of the indoor and outdoor environment and equipment (including the air quality); carefully planning our specialist and general teaching spaces, consulting with our appointed teachers and some from King’s in the UK; employing specialist and experienced companies for maintenance, security, catering etc.



Our Primary and Middle School curriculum will focus on the Chinese national requirements for Chinese passport holders, supplemented with extra material supplied by our foreign teaching staff who will be experienced teachers trained in the UK or Ireland. We will have a strong emphasis on creativity and, of course, the School will be fully bilingual in Chinese and English throughout. Perhaps most importantly, all our teachers will be what we from the UK call ‘tutors’ who are experienced and trained in the pastoral care and well-being of students. At King’s we look after all aspects of a student’s development.


The School will therefore offer a full STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) and a lot more. It will focus on the ‘whole child’ growing as a unique individual but within an inspiring, safe and supportive community.

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