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King’s School at DIT press conferences


Presentation by The King’s School, Canterbury at the “British-Style Schools in China”
Media Receptions in Beijing and Shenzhen

The King’s School, Canterbury was invited to present the King’s ethos and vision for education to the media at these important events in Beijing on 20th March 2018 and Shenzhen on 29th March 2018 as part of the “Education is GREAT” campaign organised by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) which aims to showcase to the media the distinct features of fusion education provided by British-style schools in China.

Beijing, 20th March

On 20th March 2018, Mr Justin Kung, Chairman of The King’s School Shenzhen International (King’s School Shenzhen) together with Mr Lincoln Lee and Ms Cynthia Chow, Directors of King’s School Shenzhen spoke at the British Embassy in Beijing to discuss the rising trend and advantages of a fusion education provided by British-style schools in China.

Ms Liu Jing, Head of DIT Education China said that the U.K. national curriculum is one of the most popular in the world for the following reasons:
– GCSE and A-Levels are recognised by universities and employers around the world;
– Well-tested education philosophy and pedagogy, broad and deep curriculum design, unique boarding house system and rigorous quality inspection system; and
– Heavy focus on character development, creativity and leadership in order to develop students to become all-rounded global citizens.

Mr Justin Kung, echoed the words of Ms Liu in his address, saying that the King’s education embraces the character formation and all-rounded development of children.There is an aspiration to excellence for all in King’s, while focusing on academic development,the School also encourages the pursuit of excellence in sports, art and music.

The King’s School offers more than 20 different sports for students, such as tennis, fencing, sailing, rugby, cricket, football, golf, swimming etc.

“We believe that extensive co-curricular activities can help children understand the importance of loyalty, leadership and team spirit, and more significantly, children will be exposed to moral values including honesty, fairness, justice, responsibility and respect,” said Mr Kung.

Mr Kung went on to say that, “On the other hand, art, music and drama at King’s complement and enhance the development of the enquiring mind.Our goal is to nurture our students to fully develop their abilities in creativity, self-expression, thinking ‘outside the box’ through engaging in these co-curricular activities.”

Shenzhen, 29th March

On 29th March 2018, Mr Geoffrey Cocksworth, International Director of The King’s School Canterbury, Mr Justin Kung, and four Directors of King’s School Shenzhen attended the DIT media reception in Shenzhen.

Geoffrey Cocksworth

Mr Cocksworth was delighted to share at the panel session that King’s had been exploring many parts of the world for potential global partnership, and he said that “we found the region we really want to be in and we actually found the people we really want to work with.” He was very excited about the development of the first overseas King’s school in Shenzhen (a metropolis filled with excitement and energy). He was also delighted to express about the keen willingness for King’s (a school with an ancient history going back to 597 A.D.) to learn from practice in China and to work effectively with its partner in China. This is what we described as fusion, “a way which we can learn from one another and develop a global partnership”, said Mr Cocksworth.

The development of the first overseas King’s school is not simply the case of exporting a UK school brand or curriculum to China, but the effective integration of both countries’ strength in pedagogy and education philosophy to offer Chinese students the kind of education that not only fits the Chinese national curriculum framework as well as Chinese laws and regulations, but also reflects the strength and heritage of the UK education.We strive to achieve the goal of producing future innovative global citizens with an international vision, and a deep understanding of both Chinese and Western cultures.

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