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Our Pre-prep is for children aged 2 to 6, and is located in the Qianhai district of Nanshan, Shenzhen. Set in a wonderful environment, surrounded by trees and hills, the school opened in September 2019 with seven classes, expanding shortly after to eight classes and to fourteen classes next year. Our classrooms are bright and open, with small class sizes and exceptional shared spaces on each flooor that can be used for physical activities, drama, music, library and maker-spaces for STEAM projects. There are also safe and well-equipped outdoor play areas designed for different age groups.

We provide a curriculum that encourages active learning, creativity, critical thinking, playing and exploring. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as the framework for this approach, and supplement it with our rigorous approach to language learning which emphasizes the importance of the home language (Chinese) and requires our teachers to understand theories on English development and the strategies used to support this.

Our school is all about its people. Every day, the school leadership is out at the front of the school welcoming the children, so that a smile is their first impression of the day at school, and the happiness continues throughout the day.

The teachers hold an important place in making the school a great place to learn and we are here to bring you the best teachers for your children. Each of our classes has two lead teachers, one foreign and one Chinese, as well as other supporting staff. Our foreign teachers for this school year are all from the UK and Ireland. Our Chinese teachers are all well experienced with early years education and have taught in international schools in China and abroad.

Every day, there are thousands of small moments, and thousands of interactions between our children, parents and teachers. These moments all add up to create our school environment and are what makes up your child’s education.

In our interactions with children, we get to learn about their attitudes, dispositions and language abilities. Every moment helps to inform us about the children and how we can best support their learning and personal development. Positive interactions are key. Children observe and learn from adults all the time, while they also try to be creative and try new things. This is the wonder of early years education: every day, every week, the children are learning and changing, digesting and adapting their new knowledge to develop their personalities, talents and abilities.

We have already seen at first-hand our children’s amazing ability to pick up a second language. Every song, story and conversaction play a part in this: listening comes first and gives the brain a structure to process and then to construct patterns and meaning. The teachers must be skillful in choosing how to speak and how to support language in the clasroom, ensuring all the time the balance between developing English and supporting the children’s vocabulary and thinking in their home language.

We are also here to listen to our parents’ comments and feedback, because these interactions create an openness and trust between us all in the school community. Since our opening, we have already learnt about our parents’ lives, their hopes for the future and why they chose King’s for their children’s education. It is a wonderful responsibility to be part of that, and is what drives us to reflect on our progress and develop in different areas to fulfil the needs and desires of our families.

We are all here to share our unique heritage and educational expertise, to work with parents together to create a school where each small moment adds up to something great. We sincerely hope you will pay us a visit at our Qianhai campus to see our education in action and to experience what we have to offer you and your children.

The prime areas of learning and development are: (i) personal, social and emotional development; (ii) physical development and (iii) communication and language. These are fundamental and work together to support development of the child in (i) literacy; mathematics; (iii) understanding the world and (iv) expressive arts and design.

When a child reaches aged 5, the EYFS Profile must be completed. The Profile provides parents and carers, practitioners and teachers with a well-rounded picture of a child’s knowledge, understanding and abilities, their progress against expected levels, and their readiness for their next stage. The Profile must reflect: ongoing observation; all relevant records held by the setting; discussions with parents and carers, and any other adults whom the teacher, parent or carer judges can offer a useful contribution.

Bilingual foundations

Strong bilingual roots are best developed early. Our aim is to create an environment which prepares the children for an education in both Chinese and English. This is achieved by our co-teaching model, where the foreign teacher (an English language native speaker) as the ‘lead teacher’ delivers everything entirely in English. The Chinese co-teacher (who is also proficient in English) then acts both as a bridge between the Chinese pupil and the English teacher and ensures the continued development of the child’s native Chinese tongue. At the same time, the co-teacher will help to develop the Chinese language of international, non-Chinese speaking pupils.

Our pedagogy will be one that is largely based upon play and learning through experience. We are blessed with large classrooms and open spaces, both inside and outside, where pupils will develop and explore their natural creativity. Maker-space areas will allow for experiments in art and basic technology with a large performing area for the older children’s drama and music.


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