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The King’s Summer Programme

As the first overseas branch of The King’s School, Canterbury, we are honoured to present to you our summer programme hosted by and co-organised with The King’s School, Canterbury for children aged 8 and upwards, giving them the opportunity to fully immerse in The King’s School experience.

Our two-week summer programme covers a vast range of activities in the safe, friendly and cosy environment of the International College campus of The King’s School in Canterbury. Each age group has its own tailored activities, but will cover areas like art, robotics, coding, English and drama, as well as other outdoor, creative and cultural activities.

In addition to on-campus activities, there will also be exciting trips to the University of Cambridge, British Museum, Royal Opera House and the National Gallery, to help the children to improve their English language skills and immerse in the rich culture and heritage of Britain.

The purpose of our summer programme is not only to immerse the children in the British culture, but also to widen their experience of the world and try new things in order to expand their horizons and stimulate their interests and potentials. It will also help to prepare them further for a King’s education in Shenzhen.

Our programme will start in the summer of 2020 and we welcome parents who are interested in finding out more to come and talk to us and register. As the number of places are limited, we will give priority to current and prospective pupils from the school. All other applicants will have to undergo a selection interview by the King’s School Shenzhen International. We look forward to welcoming many happy children at our wonderful and action-packed summer programme!


(The dates and activities for our programmes will vary from year to year and full details of our programmes will be published when we open for booking.)

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