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Our campuses for the Primary and Secondary Schools will open in September 2020 and 2021. Modern in appearance, they are also modern in the way they meet the needs of today’s children. You will find open learning and break-out spaces, both indoors and out, alongside bright and flexible classrooms with specialist laboratoties, common social areas, sports, music and drama facilities.

Our programme for Chinese children aged 6 – 15 will follow the Chinese regulatory curriculum, delivered very much in a King’s way, and with non-compulsory areas reflecting our curriculum in the UK. There will be variations for international passport holders.

Throughout, our pedagogy will be vibrant, intellectually excitng and supportive with a full immersion in two languages, Chinese Putonghua and UK English. Our students will benefit from qualified specialist teaching spaces, studying a wide range of subjects. The curriculum at all levels will have a strong emphasis on creativity, originality and innovation, all of which are essential for today’s young people.

For the last three years of their schooling (ages 15 – 18), our students will be aiming for top world-class universities through an intensive programme of international GCSEs and A Levels. They will benefit fully from the excellent resource material and expertise given to us by King’s in Canterbury.

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