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Welcome Letter for King’s Family


From: The Executive Principal

28 August 2020

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new school year. It is of course only a short while since we said goodbye for the short summer break, but it is really good to be back preparing for the new classes. There is always a buzz around schools at this time and this year is no exception. The staff are in good form, busily unpacking boxes of new equipment, preparing their classrooms and planning their lessons.

It is very exciting too to have lots of new students and new teachers joining us and, after the long period of the epidemic, to have a full and busy school. Our community is getting larger and stronger. The next stage of our journey is about to begin.

Currently missing from our community here in Shenzhen are some of our foreign teachers, but I am delighted to say the process is now well under way for them to return as soon as possible. The Shenzhen FAO has accepted their documentation and should issue the required invitation letter for their return within the next few days. Also missing at the start of term is our new Music teacher, Mr Frank Ag, who will completing his quarantine period from Hong Kong and joining the school on the 21st September. Meanwhile, all our absent teachers will continue to play a part in your children’s education through the preparing of lesson plans, supporting their co-teachers and by means of video to the classes.

Whilst we are preparing in haste, the same is true for our sister school in Canterbury, UK. Having been closed, or partially closed, during the epidemic, all four sections of the school are due to open next week with a full quota of students and staff, albeit with lots of new regulations for virus protection which will change many things they do. They send us their best wishes, but their difficulties make us realise how fortunate we are to be in Shenzhen at this time.

However, as it always is, our first aim at school is the health and safety of your children. All our students will be carefully instructed and guided in how to look after themselves and others in this respect. Let’s have a really safe and a truly great school year.

With best wishes,

Geoff Cocksworth

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